• Purica Lions Mane Powder 100g |
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    Purica Lions Mane 100g


    Purica Lions Mane 100g Lion’s Mane supports improving your cognition – your attention, memory, speech, comprehension, learning, reasoning, problem solving and decision-making. Recent studies confirm support of the digestive system by...

  • Purica Lions Mane 400mg 60VCap |
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    Purica Lions Mane 400mg 60VCap


    Purica Lions Mane 400mg 60VCap One of the best cognitive boosts on the market, Lion's Mane is a fantastic, natural way to enhance brain function, critical thinking, mental stamina, and more! Why use Purica Lions Mane 400mg 60VCap? Boosts brain...

  • Purica Complete 360 120Vcap |
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    Purica Complete 360 120Vcap


    Purica Complete 360 120cap Purica COMPLETE 360 - Providing 360 degrees of optimal health, this synergistic, organic blend of Ashwagandha and eight micronized medicinal mushrooms supports immunity, strengthens the body's response to stress and...

  • Harmonic Arts Elevate Elixir 150g |
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    Harmonic Arts

    Harmonic Arts Elevate 150g


    Harmonic Arts Elevate 150g Uplift your mood with this mind nourishing and energy building tonic superfood blend. Masterfully crafted with only the top ingredients this is a Harmonic Arts team favourite. Both rich and creamy with a gentle cardamom...

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