Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1, also called thiamine is a vital nutrient essential for energy metabolism, nervous system function, cardiovascular health, and overall well-being. Its involvement in key biochemical processes underscores its importance in maintaining the body's optimal functioning.

Thiamine is a coenzyme that participates in key biochemical reactions, primarily related to the metabolism of carbohydrates. It helps convert carbohydrates into glucose, which is the body's primary source of energy. This makes thiamine particularly important for maintaining the energy levels needed for various bodily functions, including those of the nervous system and muscles.

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  • Natural Factors Vitamin B1 100mg 90tab |

    Natural Factors Vitamin B1 100mg 90tab

    Natural Factors

    Natural Factors Vitamin B1 Vitamin B1 acts as a coenzyme to convert carbohydrates into energy in the body, helps manufacture hydrochloric acid for digestion and is useful in malabsorption conditions. It also supports the health of the heart and nervous...
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