Wild Ridge Farms

Wild Ridge Farms

Wild Ridge Farms: Crafting Tradition, Biting the Bull

From Tradition to Table

Rooted in Ottawa Valley traditions, Wild Ridge Farms began as cherished family recipes shared around farm tables. Evolving over generations, these recipes now define our exceptional jerky textures and flavors.

The Leap to Greatness

What started as a family affair soon became a mission to share our extraordinary meat snacks. In 2015, Wild Ridge Farms emerged, proudly Canadian, crafting our delicacies with 100% premium Canadian beef and authentic ingredients.

Bite the Bull Philosophy

Our mantra, "Bite the Bull," symbolizes our bold leap into the market. It's more than a snack; it's a commitment to quality, resilience, and crafting exceptional meat treats.

Sustainable Excellence

Wild Ridge Farms is more than just jerky; it's a commitment to sustainable farming and animal welfare. Our auditing program ensures every step meets our high standards, leading the way in ethical livestock care.

Experience the Tradition

Savor the tradition, taste the quality – Wild Ridge Farms, where every bite tells a story. Bite the Bull, savor the difference.

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  • Wild Ridge Farms Beef Jerky 70g | Optimize Nutrition Wild Ridge Farms Beef Jerky Ingredients | Optimize Nutrition

    Wild Ridge Farms Beef Jerky 70g

    Wild Ridge Farms

    Wild Ridge Farms Beef Jerky 70g Wild Ridge Farms Beef Jerky: Canadian Craftsmanship, Unrivaled Quality Our Heritage Quality: Embark on a culinary journey inspired by our family kitchen at Wild Ridge Farms. Rooted in the Ottawa Valley's...
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