Anointment Natural Skin Care

Anointment Natural Skin Care

Founded in 2002, Anointment Natural Skin Care embodies a commitment to natural living and environmental stewardship. Our core values are the heart and soul of our mission:

  • Leading with Heart: We prioritize the well-being of people, our planet, and our community, always striving to do better.
  • Building Community: From pregnancy to postpartum, menopause to new parenthood, we've been there and are here for you. Drawing wisdom from our network of healthcare professionals and life experiences, we provide compassionate support during life's changing seasons.
  • Supporting a Healthy Environment: We believe in the power of certified organic ingredients for both people and the planet. Our product formulations are transparent, each ingredient serving a vital role. We're mindful of the environmental sustainability of our raw materials, partnering with purpose-driven suppliers.
  • Staying Rooted: Nestled in the historic Tantramar marshes, we draw inspiration from the rhythms of nature, from the Bay of Fundy to marshland to the Acadian forest.

For over 20 years, you've trusted us. We've been there, and we'll always be here. Anointment products provide comfort in pregnancy, postpartum, new parenthood, and everyday life. Rooted in herbal knowledge and backed by science, we nurture you as we nurture nature."

Discover Anointment today and experience the essence of natural care.

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