Eco-Friendly Initiatives for Sustainable Living

What is this 10% all about?

Optimize Nutrition uses 10% of its net proceeds to directly fund Eco-Friendly Initiatives for Sustainable Living within Canada; more specifically, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. While we hope to eventually fund projects on a wider scale, we have to start somewhere.

This 10% is not just a temporary donation; it is not capped at a certain amount; we don’t use a portion of it for administration fees or to support the operations of Optimize Nutrition; it is 10% of our net proceeds used to fund local Eco-Friendly Initiatives, plain and simple.


What is being done with the money?

We are interested in purchasing land and creating a permaculture farm with zero-waste and zero-emissions buildings for the purpose of educating the community on sustainable farming/living practices. We hope to partner with schools to offer students an opportunity to learn how to grow their own food, live sustainably, and build a sustainable community for their generation. This knowledge isn’t only important for the younger generation, which is why we hope people of all ages will use this opportunity to learn how to make modifications in their lives to help achieve sustainability.

Part of this plan would include both donation and sale of produce from the farm. Donation of food would be to local schools and those in need. Sale of food would be to local restaurants and at local farmers’ markets, with the sole purpose of funding further development of this and other spaces for education on sustainability.

Additionally, this project will create more Eco-Friendly Jobs, which would further help our community. By Eco-Friendly Jobs, we mean jobs that have a direct beneficial impact on our ecosystem and the people who inhabit it.  


How to get involved

We want to partner with other Eco-Friendly businesses and organizations, as well as individuals, who have similar values and either have an Eco-Friendly project on the go or are wanting to start a new project!

We would love for you to contact us and discuss possible collaboration! Either email us directly at [email protected] or fill out our Contact Us form.




We're here to help! - Email us at[email protected]
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