We welcome Dylan Tucker to the Optimize Nutrition Team!

Posted by Jack and Dave on 1st Apr 2019

We welcome Dylan Tucker to the Optimize Nutrition Team!

Meet Dylan Tucker, OptimizeNutrition.ca's Newest Sponsored Athlete!

Dylan is an amazing young man! Since our first encounter, Dylan immediately become like family. He has a great personality, very presentable and a good sense of humor. We have always had interesting conversations, including either shooting the shit about life, or how to best support his health and fitness goals.  He has been coming into our storefront for years, and has been an OptimizeNutrition.ca customer since our opening. We have tried to help him achieve his goals relating to his current and future Football Career. He currently plays high level College Football, and will soon be in either the NFL or CFL if things go as planned. Watch out for this guy, as he has a bright future ahead of himself!

Here is a few words from the man himself:

My name is Dylan Tucker (QB/FB for the Bishops Gaiters) I grew up on Vancouver Island in Campbell River BC. Growing up I found an early interest in being active and engaging in all sports. At the age of 9 I recall coming home after a PE class which we had just begun a football unit in. I proposed the idea to my mom to sign me and my best friends up for the local Campbell River Fighting Eagles. From there I never looked back, with my wish granted the following year I began playing for the Campbell River fighting eagles, I continued on to play 4 years of high-school football for the Timberline Wolves. It was during at Timberline where I really discovered my passion for the game and began to consider what actions I would need to take in order to continue playing at the highest level. Even though we were a small school in a small community I never let anything hold me back from pursuing my dream of playing college football and perhaps eventually professionally. After graduating in 2012, I went on to move down island where I played 1 year of Midget football for the Nanaimo Redmen. After weighing my options as to what I wanted to do next in hope of continuing my football career I chose to move across the water to mainland to join the Langley Rams Junior football program. At that time Junior football provided me the perfect opportunity to develop both as a young man and as a player. Throughout my years playing junior (2013-2015) I was fortunate enough win a Cullen Cup Championship as well as play in a National Championship.

With the option to play my senior year junior football, I decided to opt out to weigh my worth at the next level knowing I also wanted to begin a post secondary education. I had several visits with universities across Canada, and was in touch with a few schools south of the boarder. After considering all options I decided to commit to Bishop’s University In Quebec. My time now is done as a Gaiter on the playing field having played my last game this past October. Most recently I was fortunate enough to receive and invite to the CFL combine (2019). My attitude on playing professionally has always been to exhaust every avenue I can because as we know the window of opportunity doesn’t last forever.

All this to say that none of this would’ve been possible with out the support from my family, coaches, and close friends who have always been there to push me forward through the highs and lows that competitive sport presents. For any athlete who can relate to my story in anyway I encourage you to be never back down to tough times or when challenged, commit yourself to what you love, make sacrifices and be the best version of yourself every single opportunity you get.

Thank you Optimize Nutrition for helping me sustain the healthy active lifestyle I choose to live, and for always Fueling my performance both on and off the field!


Dylan Tucker

Here is a list of supplements Dylan uses to give him the edge he needs:

  • PVL ISO Sport Whey- Post Workout or Breakfast smoothie - Recovery, lean muscle
  • PVL Game-Ade 420g- During workout/practice/game - Endurance, stamina, focus, hydration
  • Alora True Green- Post workout or Pre Workout - Detoxification, key vitamins and minerals, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidants, endurance, stress support, and recovery
  • Harmonic Arts Viral Support- Immune Boosting - Fights Viral infections
  • Water stick - Water Filter - increases water alkalinity, adds minerals, lowers chlorine, filters 
  • Atkins Ultimate Ginseng Mental Health- Increased energy, focus, stamina and endurance

***All the above items are banned substance free, and natural. Dylan is not only looking for best supplements, but also needs to make sure he stays within the rules of his sport when taking supplements. He also wants the most natural solutions, so he can add to his performance, without any unwanted side effects.

We look forward to see him progress and will be there every step of the way!

We're here to help! - Email us atinfo@optimizenutrition.ca
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