Proud to welcome Adam Mackay to the Optimize Nutrition Team!

Posted by Jack and Dave (RHN) on 26th Feb 2019

Proud to welcome Adam Mackay to the Optimize Nutrition Team!

Adam Mackay, of Nanaimo BC, is a natural bodybuilding competitor, and fitness/life coach. He has many top placings as a natural bodybuilding competitor including last years T-Zone Natural Championships, where he placed 1st in both bodybuilding and classic physique. Furthermore, he placed 1st in the November 2017 IDFA Show, making him a IDFA Pro. Adam also placed 5th in bodybuilding and classic physique at the Toronto IFBB Natural Pro Qualifier event. 

Furthermore, Adam is focused on the success of his clients by helping them achieve there health and fitness goals. He has seen many clients achieve goals that they never imagined including weight-loss, muscle gain, and self confidence!

Many people are curious on what dietary habits and supplements Adam uses to help him achieve success, so we have asked him to share them with you here. Since bodybuilding is extremely taxing to the human body, both physically and mentally, proper diet and supplementation can provide the edge you need. 

Here is Adam's supplementation routine during his competitive season!

1. PVL ISO Sport Protein

-For added recovery, muscle growth

2. Magnum Heat Accelerated

-For increased fat loss, energy, and blood sugar control

3. Ballistic Amino Reload Peach Mango

-For added recovery, hydration, and to reduce cravings for sweets (Tastes great!)

4. Sealicious Omega-3 Softgels Natural Lemonade

-To help lower inflammation, increase ability to drop the bad fat, and to support mental health

5. Now C-1000 with 100mg Bioflavonoids

-To help boost immune, aid recovery, and support stress levels.

6. Alora True Greens

-To help increase energy, detoxification, and vitamin/mineral levels. Also to lower inflammation, and support liver function (including hormone production and metabolism)

7. Pro Line Active Men Multivitamin

-Guarantee healthy levels of vitamins/Minerals that may become depleted during intense exercise, stress load, and a restricted diet. "The foundation is what allows the house to be built!"

Here at Optimizenutrition.ca are goal is to help increase your health and performance by educating you on nutritional options, while providing the highest quality supplements available in Canada. 

If you are interested in joining the Optimizenutrition.ca team, contact us via email at info@optimizenutrition.ca.

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