Join Nic Doucette for his 8 week challenge!

Posted by Jack and Dave on 5th Apr 2019

Join Nic Doucette for his 8 week challenge!

Meet Nic Doucette

An ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and competitive men’s physique athlete. His goal is to help teach his clients how to live a flexible and sustainable lifestyle. He believes that physical fitness plays an important role in a persons over all well being, and strongly feels that fitness is not a “one size fits all” approach.

H loves working with clients from all different fitness backgrounds and will work with you to develop a program to suit your needs and your lifestyle. No access to a gym? No problem, let’s build you something that will have you burning up those calories at home.

When it comes to nutrition, he feel that flexibility is key to developing healthy and sustainable eating habits. He doesn't believe in restrictive cookie cutter meal plans. Instead he provides you with tools and knowledge to help you make better informed decisions on the fuel you are putting in your body. "You wouldn’t put regular fuel in a Bentley would you? So why treat your body any different." You only get one body, so it is best to take care of it!

Nic is putting on a 8 week Health and Fitness challenge and would love for you to join! 

For more information check out Nic on Instagram @nicdoucettefit

Nic currently uses several products from OptimizeNutrition.ca, here is a list of his favorite supplements:

1. Mre Lite Dutch Apple Aminal based Protein

-Mix of beef, chicken, and pea protein. Tastes great, and offers an alternative from whey based protein

2. Batch 27 Pre-workout Sour Cherry

-This is one of the most intense Canadian Pre-Workouts, with great pumps, energy, and focus.

3. Mutant Iced Tea BCAA

-Mix of both BCAA's, EAA's and electrolytes that aids in recovery, endurance, and hydration.

4. Magnum Big C Creatine

-Mix of multiple creatine types, plus Russian Tarragon that helps with uptake. Used to increase size, strength, and promote lean muscle.

5. Sealicious Omega 3

-One of the premium fish oil brands in Canada, with highest rating from IFOS, a third party testing and certification of fish oils. High stability, added antioxidants, and good taste profiles for liquids. Used for anti-inflammatory, mental health, cellular health and source of essential fatty acids.

6. Magnum Mimic

-A supplement containing key nutrients responsible for supporting insulin levels, and blood sugar. Used to help promote lean muscle, blood sugar control, and to support cutting body fat. 

We have just started working with Nic, and wish him all the best success in the future!

We're here to help! - Email us atinfo@optimizenutrition.ca
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